Entering a New Season

Okay guys. If you don’t like mushy gushy looove posts then you might as well click off now because I’ma be talking about looooveee. ❤️

Growing up I didn’t know much about the challenges that come along with relationships. But my parents instilled within me the pure love of Jesus. They lived it out in their daily lives and showed me firsthand how to live out the love of Christ through marriage.

I saw them constantly laying down their own lives, needs, and wants for one another. I saw them lead us in prayer and teach us to always talk to Jesus. I saw them kiss. I saw them laugh together. I saw them reading the word together. I saw them hold hands in the car. I saw them look out for others. I saw them dedicate time to each other and their family. I saw them put Jesus first in EVERYTHING- and how they were immensely blessed through that decision.

I’ve been daddy’s girl since day 1. I can’t explain to you with words how proud I am to know the circumstances my dad came from, and then see the Godly man he allowed God to mold him into. He was the first man who taught me what real love and respect look like. He held open doors for us, made sure we always felt safe, gave up his jacket when it was cold, and lived out his love for us daily.

Isaiah Allen💛

So now let me tell you guys about my man and why I’m 100% sure He is the one who God knew from the start was the man who was going to hold my heart forever.

When I first met Isaiah I immediately knew he was a special person. He was different. He was respectful. He was kind.

Fun Fact: The first time he came over my dad was watching a car show on tv and Isaiah immediately sat down and started watching it with him and I texted my friends “HE’S THE ONE.”

He has always reminded me so much of my dad. He displayed so many of the characteristics my dad displayed towards me. He has always been a true gentleman to me. Just like the kind of man my daddy taught me to look out for.

I had a good feeling since the very beginning, but the closer we grew the more I was convinced that this was the man I would spend forever with.

We both agreed from the get go this wasn’t going to be something silly.
We weren’t going to mess around and play with each other’s feelings.
We committed to take it seriously and be careful with our actions.

That may not seem like a huge deal, but in this day and age, meeting someone who is respectful and patient with your purity is practically unheard of.
He was so respectful of me, and even took it like a champ when I rejected a kiss or two and told him I wasn’t ready yet. 😜🤪

There are so many good, pure, Godly qualities about him. I could talk about him forever. But let me tell you about a few more that mean the most to me.

He is patient.
We always joke together about how “impatient” he is. He doesn’t like to sit still, he doesn’t like to be bored, he likes to go, go, go. I always joke and say “have patience!”
But if I’m being real, his patience is something I wish I had more of.
His patience with me is unbeilable at times. He’s able to calm me down when I’m upset, remain calm even when I’ve frustrated him, and never get ‘too’ annoyed with my crazy dancing and obnoxious singing 😉
But seriously, I’ve never understood how he is so patient with me but I’m so, so thankful for his patience.

He is thoughtful.
I don’t want this to be interpreted the wrong way so hear me out. But boy is he good at giving gifts. ❤️ No amount of money he spends on me could ever matter to me, so don’t get me wrong here.
What means so much to me is the amount of thought he puts into his gifts has always been so touching to me. He pays so much attention to the little details about me. He knows all my favorite candies, how much I like playdough and bouncy balls. He brings me home little surprises that he saw and thought of me. All these tiny gestures that show his thoughtfulness. He treats me way better than I deserve💛

His kind heart.
He is so selfless and kind. He has the heart of a servant. He not only tells me he loves me but he shows me in so many big and little ways every single day. He looks out for me. He looks out for others.

Just one small example:
We stopped at Mcdonald’s yesterday so he could run in and use the restroom. We had our dog Daisy with us so I waited in the car with her. As Isaiah was coming out I saw him walk out the door and notice an elderly lady on her way to the door. He stepped back to the door and held it open waiting for her to enter.

Not only does he show respect to me, but to others that often go unnoticed. He has such a kind, thoughtful, heart and it has blessed me in so many ways.

part 2

92 days until I get to steal his last name and officially be his forever. (!!!!!Eeeep!!!)

These past few months as we grow closer to marriage, my heart has been filled with so much love, joy, anticipation, excitement, and all those mushy gushy butterflies in the stomach feelings. BUT, along with all those pure, happy feelings- a bit of fear has also crept in (thx satan)

The last few months I’ve been really praying and bringing these fears to the Lord and he has given me a new perspective on a lot of things. Of course marriage will be a new challenging season, but it will be a very rewarding and fulfilling one.

Here’s a couple of the fears I’ve been having and how the Lord has changed my perspective.

You’re not good enough

I think this is one of the BIGGEST lies satan tries to engrave on our hearts. He nags at me everyday telling me I’m inadequate. I’m not going to be a good wife. I’m going to mess up and blow it.
He puts all of these thoughts of self doubt into my head – and sometimes I get lazy and let him convince me that he’s right.

I’ve been bringing these thoughts to the Lord and begging him to not only take them away, but replace them with positive encouraging thoughts. And I found exactly those in the word.

Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” psalm 94:19

There’s a lot of verses I’ve been contemplating – but I’m going to start with those two.

The first one. It’s pretty self explanatory. If reading the words “I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” coming from, I don’t know, GOD (??) doesn’t encourage your heart… then you’re tripping. That verse just popped out at me one night and immediately spoke to my heart. God is carrying both of us into this marriage and will be holding us within his hand. Of course there will be mistakes and downfalls along the way, but He will continue lifting us up and drawing us closer together the more we draw closer to Him.

That verse alone is reassurance not to fear, and that’s only one.

I know that marriage is going to be a new season full of new challenges and learning experiences. But I cannot explain with words how thankful I am for 1. a God who is ever faithful and constant. 2. Parents (both his and mine) that have taught us how to love like Christ and 3. A man after God’s heart who will lead me and take care of me forever.

I’m ecstatic to become Carlie Robinson and spend my whole life learning and growing with the love of my life. ❤️

Hurry up, May 20th!!!!

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