Insecurities | Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Insecurities. What an ugly word. Insecurities of my own are something I try to ignore and pretend I don’t have. But let’s be real here, we all have insecurities. They nag at us, they pull us down, and can very easily turn us into bitter people.

I believe insecurities are Satan’s way of getting inside of our heads. His way of making us feel emotions God never intended us to feel. His way of keeping our heads down instead of looking to God.

As I’ve been noticing and focusing on my own insecurities lately, I’ve really been thinking in depth about them and what causes them.


Every insecurity I have about myself comes from comparison. I think that is the case for most people.

We see others with a better smile, a better body, a better face, and thoughts like “Why was I not made to look like that?” “How can I look like that?” nag at our hearts.

We see people with a better job, a better car, more money..We see people who seem to have their lives all together and we envy that. We think things like

if only I could have their life, then I’d be happy.” 

If only I had their body, then I’d be happy.” 

“If only I made more money, I’d be set.”

Well, let me break it to ya. Nobody in the world anywhere has it all figured out. No one. The people that you think have it all figured out, guess what. They don’t.

If you wait until your life is seemingly perfect to be happy then you’re going to miss out on your whole life.

If you go through your life always waiting for the “next thing” then your waiting will be endless. Your heart will never be content. There’s always going to be something better to want. There’s always going to be more money you could make. There’s always going to be a better job, a better car, a better house, a better body.. There’s always, always, always, ALWAYS going to be something better.

Being content has nothing to do with anything you own, anything you do, or any way you look.

Being content is a matter of your heart. Being content has nothing to do with what you have, but what/who you’re chasing after.

Stop comparing your life to someone else’s. Stop.

They are not living your life and you’re not living their life. God is working in your life right where you are, He knows how much money you have, He knows what job you have, He knows where you’re at and He meets you there every single time.

He says “Seek first MY kingdom” Not seek first your earthly kingdom.

He says “Don’t store up treasures on earth, for they will surely pass away.”

Translation: Your car, your house, your money, your job, your physical appearance, all the things you hold so close to you.. they. don’t. matter.

They don’t matter.

He created you. He. Created. You. How dare you compare yourself to someone else and wish you were them?

Your body, your face, your smile, your eyes, your nose, all the things you wish you could change about yourself? He created them. He loves them. He loves you.

Sure, it’s perfectly fine to care about how you look. By all means, keep on taking care of yourself and working hard. But don’t let those silly worldly things become an idol. Don’t let them take over your heart.

Your heart was made to chase after Him. Only then will your heart be completely whole, happy, and filled with joy. Only then will you find true contentment and rest.

Stop chasing things that are going to die. Stop comparing the silly things. Stop making foolish things idols. Stop waiting to be happy. Stop trying to make your life seem perfect. It’s not perfect. You’re not perfect. Comparison will steal your joy every single time.

Stop chasing after your human heart’s desires and start chasing after the LORD and watch Him change your desires.

He’ll take your greedy heart and transform it into a heart that is content in any and every circumstance.

He will pull you out of your comfort zone despite your insecurities. He will give you joy like you’ve never known. He will show you that you are loved and beautiful.

This week being the week of Thanksgiving, I challenge you to spend some extra time just sitting in silence with the LORD. Thank Him. Sure, thank him for your material blessings and the literal ‘things’ He has allowed you to have. But don’t forget to thank Him for what really matters.

I challenge you this week to really look into your own heart. Be real with yourself and list what your heart chases after VS. what your heart should chase after.

Dedicate yourself DAILY to the LORD. Seek after Him. Hide yourself so fully in Him that you can’t even begin to compare yourself to anyone else because all you see is Jesus.


“Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face

and the things of this earth will grow strangely dim

In the light of His glory and grace.”


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