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Well, here we go. I made a blog. I’ve thought about it for a while but I finally did. Writing has always been one of my favorite things to do. Since the moment I knew how to write I have loved writing. Cards, stories, poems, etc. They weren’t always GOOD per say… but I still loved writing them anyways.

Writing has always been a “go-to” for me. While most people want to talk out their problems with other people to get through them, I just simply have to write down my feelings and I’ll start to feel better. My brain is always too scatter brained to even get my own thoughts straight. So writing even helps me understand myself better. Before, I’ve mainly kept the things I’ve written private. So today I’m trying something new. 🙂 

So to start, I’m going to write about the title and why I chose it. 


About two weeks ago I was browsing Pinterest and I stumbled upon my new all time favorite quote by Henri J.M Nouwen:

Before you understand why that quote means so much to me, you need to know one thing about my personality. 
I. Hate. Routine. I want exciting, spontaneous things happening ALL the time. I would be content with being socially active for every minute of everyday. The minute we get home from being out and about I’m ready to do something else fun. 
So when I’m NOT out doing fun spontaneous things, I’ve often found myself moping about the house. Complaining about my boredom and arguing with my parents about why I can’t be somewhere else right now. 
But lately, God has opened my eyes to something I want to share with you all.
The reason why that quote is so important to me.

There is always something to be happy about.

I am a very, very, blessed girl. God has given me far beyond what I could ever deserve. He gave His ONLY son for ME, and I’m not being joyful because I have to sit at my house for a few hours. Like, what the heck? 
I’ve found that the reason I have often found myself unhappy, is because I wasn’t looking for joy in the right places. I was comparing my life with others instead of seeing all the wonderful reasons to be joyful that He’s already put in my life. After God opened my eyes to this, I started praying He would open my eyes to help me to see joy in places I hadn’t before. 
And lemme tell ya, He sure has. 

I now find myself enthused by the smallest things I used to constantly overlook and take for granted. It’s amazing how much joy is out there if I only look with the right eyes.

The sky has always been something that amused me. But even more so lately. In every car ride I find myself pointing out clouds “Mom, look at that cloud!! It’s so cool!” (To the point where I imagine she’s thinking “Okay honey, I get it. Clouds are cool”) 

But seriously. Have you ever looked at something you’ve seen a million times and it’s suddenly so much more beautiful and radiant than ever before? That’s how I feel about so many things now. 
The clouds, the grass, every little flower, the sun, stars, my family, my friends, trees, eVeRyThInG. 
Life is just…beautiful. 

Like I said, it’s amazing how much joy is out there if I only look with the right eyes.

Joyful people are attractive. We all know those people that are always happy and excited about everything. They have so much energy, happiness, and positivity. It’s hard to feel down and negative around them because their joy is contagious. That’s how I want to be. That’s how we should all want to be. 
Joy is contagious 
For example, it rained yesterday. Not for very long at all. But in the short time it did rain, I went outside with my little brother and sister. (More about them in another post) 
Usually I’d be on my couch listening to music and staying dry. But in the car earlier that day I had mentioned to them that if it rained we should go play in it. So as soon as it started raining both of their faces turned to pure excitment as they grabbed their jackets and darted through the house to hurry and get to it.
Before I joined them I stood in a dry spot by the house just observing them. 
Both of them spinning around, laughing, and splashing each other. They found joy in something so simple, and it brought me joy too. Their joy was contagious. 

•Choose To See The Joy•

When’s the last time you just stopped and took a look around you? 
Yes, we live in a broken world with so much filth and distruction. 
But through all of it, we still have plenty of reasons to be joyful. You just have to choose to see it. 

“Joy does not simply happen to us, we have to CHOOSE joy; and keep choosing it everyday.”

I chose joy today. Did you? 

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