On My Mind Today || See the Beauty.

On my mind today:
I read the quote “the sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.” And it hit me so hard knowing the good amount of time I spend making sure I look “beautiful” and the good amount of time I spend critiquing others outwardly and inwardly in my own mind.
Then I thought about the /lack\ of time I spend seeking out the beauty in others.
Without realizing, I get too caught up in my own appearance and judging the appearance of others. Their physical appearance & the idea in my mind I have of a certain person. The reputations, the stereotypes, the pre judged opinions I form too quickly.
It’s so easy to see the negative side of people and to forever think of them negatively. But it’s much more beautiful to know the negative side and still choose to see the positive. We all have imperfections and loving each other despite the labels is a really beautiful thing. 💛 To do: “see the light in others and treat them as if thats all you see.”

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