New year, same Jesus.

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases.

His mercies never come to an end;

they are new every morning.

Great is Your faithfulness.”


I kind of summed up this post on my latest instagram post but I wanted to expand on it a little more.

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting thing. The mentality of a fresh start and new goals/visions. But in Christ every single morning is a fresh start, a blank page, and a clean record.

Just for the heck of it, I’m going to share my own personal resolutions for 2017. But my number 1, resolution above all resolutions is to simply fall completely in love with Jesus before anyone or anything else; to wake up each and everyday the whole year knowing that today is a new start no matter how many times I failed him the day before.

To rest in His grace knowing that even when I’ve failed at all my other resolutions, He will. not. fail. me. Where my sin runs deep, His grace runs infinitely deeper.

Some of my personal resolutions were smaller, personal things I doubt you guys care to know so I’m only going to write about a couple of my big ones.

My number 2 big resolution is to show more love, kindness, and encouragement to others. Be a light. 

Sometimes I catch myself just getting too caught up in my own little world. Distracted by my phone, my thoughts, grumpiness…whatever it may be. I tend to ignore and maybe even be a little bit rude to the people around me. So I made it a goal to be a more loving and encouraging person towards others. It’s so, so easy to focus on myself and to react based off of my feelings. But I want to always choose to be joyful, loving, encouraging, and kind anyways.

My number 3 big resolution is to be content in Jesus. Knowing He is always, always, always enough. Contentment has always been hard for me. My personality just wants to go, go, go. I get tired of things quickly and am always ready for the next thing. I struggle with seeking fulfillment through human desires instead of allowing Christ to fill me instead.

He is enough. He is enough. He is always enough.

And my LAST resolution which is my resolution of  my entire LIFE. Is to KEEP CHOOSING JOY!

Life can be stressful and crazy and exhausting and full of ups and downs but God’s joy is enduring, abounding, and ever sustaining.

I’m excited for whatever the Lord has in store for me throughout 2017. I know He is right there walking with me, sustaining me, and loving me despite my failures. He is so very, very faithful.

It’s a new year, but He is the SAME Jesus; ready to catch me when I fall this year and love me a little more each time.

Cheers to 2017! 😀

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