Please Don’t | Poem

Wandering eyes taking in the whole big world

You saw so much beauty, for you were just a little girl

The world that waited before you seemed so easy to conquer,

all you thought of was that happily ever after 

Daddy scared away the monsters and momma held you when you cried,

back when things were simple and all you had was time.

Sun kissed and bruised knees, messy hair while running free

Life was fun, life was simple, and the whole wide world was yours.

All you had to do was ask, precious little girl

When the storms came you would sleep in your parents bed,

I bet you never guessed you’d have to deal with the monsters in your head.

The beauty became harder to see and your smile stopped being real

Your bruised knees turned into a broken heart that took much longer to heal

The world was no longer simple, and time was rarely yours

You missed when life was simple, oh to be that little girl

No one was there to scare away the monsters or to hold you when you cried

The world was so big but there was still no place to hide

Your own mind tortured you, “you’ll never make it out alive”

Everyday was a struggle, you thought you couldn’t survive

The thoughts that consumed your head told you to just give up

“Don’t try” it said “you’re really not that tough.”

But deep inside of you, still lived that little girl.

The one with wandering eyes who still saw some beauty in the world

Amidst her pain and darkness, she clung to a shining hope

When life cried out “give up, give up” she screamed back “I won’t”

We have no way to choose the scars we will receive

but maybe it’s okay to allow ourselves to bleed

Because in the middle of that pain shines an even brighter hope

When all you want to do is give up

please don’t

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