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Usually I keep the poems I write hidden away in a notebook under my bed for no one to read but myself. I’ve shared a couple of my favorites on here but still not typically one of my favorite things to post. BUT, today I was cleaning out my drawer full of ten million notebooks and I came across this one I wrote a few years ago.

It was one of the first few “real” poems I wrote, that actually made sense.
It’s not my best work, but I liked the message that was on my heart while writing it. So I’ve decided to share it with you guys. 🙂
“She stood quietly, her hands folded tightly
Not making a move or a single sound
But somehow her presence screamed louder than the crowd
The slight smile on her face was priceless
Dirty clothes, dirty face, but she couldn’t care less
Her pale skin stained brown with dirt and dust
But still, she shone. 
The poorest of them all, yet somehow the richest.
Others around her tried to shine too
But falsely with lies, leaving them with hearts broken in two.
Her hair was knotted and her body too thin
But still she was beautiful, for it came from within. 
No one else understood how she shone so bright
They had everything in the world, but their lives seemed alone, without any light
They were the richest of all, but somehow the poorest. 
Her heart sprang with warmth and laughter 
To her, money and gifts didn’t matter
There was something about her that made every head turn
She had a way of making the coldest of hearts feel a burn
It wasn’t her beauty and it wasn’t her wealth, for her treasure was not there
It was her genuine kindness and heart full of love and care.
The poorest of them all, yet somehow the richest
Others sneered and laughed with pride, but she never even noticed
They pushed her down to elevate themselves, only bringing themselves the lowest
The richest of them all, yet somehow the poorest
They faked their kindness, building their own popularity
All in hopes of hiding their insecurities 
Making their own names known, in hopes of shining too
But still, she was the only one who shone
The poorest of them all, yet somehow the richest.
The others longed to know her secret
But she didn’t even know it herself
For she was so lost in her creator, she forgot about everything else
Her life was full of love, and her heart was set above
Hardly any possessions of her own, but all she had was enough
Her secret wasn’t really a secret at all
She was a selfless person and that is what shines brighter than them all
So very poor, yet somehow the richest.
It’s easy for me to write about a girl like that but OH BOY is it so much harder to live out being a girl like that!! The world around us is constantly saying “build up yourself”, “love yourself”, “do what you want.” “Get as much as you can”
But we serve a God that says “Give ME the glory.” “Love me with all your heart, soul, and mind.” “Follow MY will for your life.” “I AM ENOUGH.”
In a world that teaches us that it’s all about ourselves, I’m learning to say “it’s all about YOU, God.”
I’m learning that HE is always enough for me.
An art I will probably never master, but will never stop working at.
I’ve written sooo many poems that I’ve never shared with anyone. Tell me what you think! Should I post more? Check out my new contact page to find out how to contact me.
God bless,
Carlie 😀

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