One thing about me that I have yet to mention is that I am home-schooled. I’m a junior in high school and I have been homeschooled since the very beginning along with my three siblings.

Pretty much everyone knows it’s a running joke (Or not so much of a joke) that home schooled kids are “sheltered”

Meaning, we have NO idea what goes on in the real world and our innocent little minds will have no idea how to function one day in the real world because we haven’t had any experience in dealing with stuff that goes on in the real world like the kids in public schools do. (Sarcasm intended)
I have received many insults over the years (Some purposely and some jokingly, but still saying it nonetheless) and I’m sure my “homeschooler buddies” reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. 
Multiple remarks similar to “Oh, you don’t know what we’re talking about ’cause you’re homeschooled”, “Your sheltered mind doesn’t understand” (You get the point)
For years I haven’t known how to correctly respond to remarks like this. Usually causing an awkward pause in the conversation or coming back with something that might not have been the best response. But the older I get, I’m realizing how much of a compliment those remarks actually are; regardless of how they were intended.

Talking about the first definition. Why do people take shelter in a storm? Because the storm has shown signs of severity. We take shelter to be cautious and to save ourselves from being harmed.
We’re completely aware of the storm and all the damage it can cause, we’re still right there in the middle of it. But we choose to take caution if we see that storm is strong enough to overtake us.

Get the metaphor?

I’m very thankful for the decision my parents have made in sheltering us from all the drama, sex, drugs, and all the “real world stuff” that lots other kids have to deal with at an early age. 

By no means does it mean I’m not aware of the struggles many kids have to face daily. My mind is fully aware, but my heart is sheltered.

“Guard your heart ABOVE ALL ELSE,  for it determines the course of your life.”
(Proverbs 4:23, NLT) 

By some of the remarks I, my siblings, and my parents have received over the years, we’ve gathered that multiple people think that it’s impossible to succeed in life without a “real” school education.
I’m not insulted by this because it’s really none of their business how we go about our lives. But my parents have provided us with all the necessities to succeed in life in whichever direction we decide to take. But more importantly, they have firmly planted in us the roots of His kingdom. The only success in life that really matters. I would choose that over a “real” school education any day.

Now to make one thing clear here, I am not AT ALL saying you can’t protect your heart while attending an actual school. I have many, many friends that attend public/private schools and are some of my very best friends that have helped me in my own walk with Christ in many ways.

The choices my family makes are what we decide is best for our own family.
To each their own. 🙂

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