With Every Act of Love

“God put a million doors in the world for His love to walk through. One of those doors is you.” 
(With Every Act of Love, Jason Grey)
One of those doors is you. One of those doors is ME.
That line of the song always hits me hard. God designed me for His purpose. His love can be reflected off of me in SO many different ways if only I allow Him to work in my life.
Matthew 5:16 says “…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
One thing He has taught me is that sharing my faith doesn’t necessarily always mean pulling someone aside and telling them all about Jesus and forcing it on them. But sharing my faith with someone can be shown just as easily as by simply BEING Jesus to them. Anyone can sit there and listen to facts about faith. Which yes, sharing the facts IS a part of it. But I think truly being the hands and feet of Jesus is the best way to reflect Christ in our lives.
When people are truly living out being a follower of Christ, it’s going to show in every area of their life. People will look at them and think “What makes them so.. Different?”
They will want to know the source of your kindness.
A quote I hear quite often in my youth group, church, and various youth activities is “People won’t care what you know until they know you care.”
It’s all about how we treat people. Another part of the song mentioned above that I absolutely love is: “Jesus let us carry You.
Alive in us, Your light shines through
with every act of love.
God IS love. So in every single act of love, big or small, HE is shining through. Every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17)
So every act of goodness and love IS showing God because He IS goodness and love. (Pretty cool, huh?)
While I’m working the window at Chickfila, I’ve experienced MULTPLE times when someone will pay for whoever is in line behind them. Then when the next person gets to the window and finds out their meal is free, it makes my day by how happy they usually are. THAT is showing Christ.
That person may never see you, never be able to thank you, but they are able to feel the love and kindness you gave to them by something so simple.
The simplest deeds can speak louder than anything you could say.
None of this is to discourage you to never verbally share your faith. Definitely do that! Pray for opportunities to tell people of Christ and the work He has done in your own life. Pray for the right words to speak when those times do come. But also, never stop praying for opportunities to BE Christ. To BE goodness and love in someone’s life. Because once they know you truly care, they’ll probably be interested in the “why” and that’s when you can tell them all about your Jesus. 🙂
I’ve decided this week to find one tiny thing every single day to show Christ in me through an act of love. I am praying God will show me this week exactly how He wants to use me.
Maybe by paying for someone’s meal, by complimenting someone, or even just simply smiling at someone who looks like they could use a smile with their day.
I challenge you this week to look for ways to BE Jesus. Big and small. Pray for opportunities. Open your eyes to the broken world around us, and be a little healing in someone’s life this week. It can impact someone a lot more than you think.
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